Tips & Tricks: Following Up Without Going Crazy


One of the nagging tasks that often comes up is follow up. When you are multi-tasking, automating, and outsourcing everything, it becomes very easy to setup a task and than completely forget about it. A perfect example of out of sight, out of mind, how can you keep on top of things without dedicated brain power to it?


The Trick
I have started using a service called which is a really great free service. Basically you just cc a time period and then it will automatically follow up with the original email to the recipient at that time. You can bcc it so that only you get a reminder or you can make and then it simply sends you a reminder of whatever you want.


Making It Stick
These are the kind of reminders you can set:


12h  = 12 hours from now
3d or 3days  = 3 days from now
sunday or aug15  = 3 days from now
sunday-9am  = next sunday at 9am
8am  = the next 8am hour


The best part is that there is a snooze function so you can push something off for a few hours or even a few weeks.


In Short
  1. When sending an email, decide if you should follow up on it.
  2. If you should, determine the length of time until the follow up.
  3. Simply cc [length of time] If you don't want the follow up reminder going to the person you emailed, then just use bcc.