This Is How We Do It: Executing Contracts and Invoicing



One of the last bastions of being free from a desktop computer was the ability to give clients proposals, execute those proposals and other contracts, and then invoice those clients from anywhere in the world. Using a few iphone apps I am now able to do all of these things right from my phone.


I've accomplished this task with three wonderful iphone apps. Genius Scan, Invoice2Go, and Zosh work in conjunction to streamline the whole process. It all starts with Genius Scan, which basically turns your iphone into a scanner. You hold it over a document and snap a picture and it will correct for the angle and the color to give you a near perfect scan of a paper document (say for instance, a contract). Then you simply forward the file to and when you open that app the doc is there ready to be edited. Zosh will let you work with documents, pdfs and images and you can add text and even put an original signature on the file. I have several boiler plate documents with blanks in it that I keep in Zosh so that I can edit and send proposals to clients. Finally, when it's time to bill your client and get paid Invoice2Go makes it so simple. It pulls the clients info from your contacts, you add the items and how much, and then send it by email. The best part is that you can set it to automatically bcc so that you never again have to worry about keeping track of your unpaid invoices. 


Couldn't be easier to setup and use and the treo of apps costs less than $10.

Putting It All Together

  1. Zosh to edit and sign documents
  2. Invoice2Go to send and track invoices
  3. Genius Scan to scan documents