Apps We Love: Captio

The Lowdown

App Name: Captio
Platform: iPhone
Cost: $0.99

What Does It Do?

Do you ever find yourself opening Mail on your phone and sending yourself an email for something you want to remember or deal with later?

I do.

Ideally, you should be filing your thoughts in your external brain and your to dos in your task management application. Sometimes though, you only have a few seconds to write down something that you would like to think about later. In this situation you want to open your phone, type in the thought and send it off as quickly as possible.

I have always used Mail for this. It went something like this:

  1. Unlock phone
  2. Open Mail
  3. Click compose
  4. Type in my email address
  5. Type in whatever I wanted to remember
  6. Hit send

Captio simplifies this process. Simply open Captio, type in what you want to remember (or snap a picture) and click send. Captio will send it to whatever email address you specified when you first installed the app.

In addition to cutting out several steps, Captio has the benefit of being extremely fast. It is literally the fastest iPhone app I have ever used. Opening it takes half a second, and sending a message is nearly just as fast.

Captio has earned a spot on the first page of my iPhone, right next to Evernote. If you ever email yourself from your iPhone, I suggest you grab a copy now.

A Little Tip

I use a Gmail filter on all emails I receive from Captio. There is no need for it to show up as a brand new email, but it is still important. Here is my filter setup:

This way, the emails are at the top of my webmail inbox in the starred section, but they do not show up on my iPhone as unread messages.

You could also use Captio as a quick way to create a new note in Evernote by emailing it directly to your unique Evernote email address. (Instructions for finding your Evernote email address are here.)