This Is How We Do It: Carry As Little As Possible Without Leaving Anything Behind


Staying organized means knowing where things are at all times and having easy access to them. When we're talking about keeping your own body organized while at home or travelling, that means carrying the bare essentials in a way that makes them easy to use and doesn't leave you unprepared for any situation. I apologize in advance that this is targeted towards men but we are definitely open to comments on how a woman can achieve these results.

The Body

Watches afford you many interesting opportunities to do things other than tell the time these days. You can have a gps unit, mini computer, flash drive, and even a tape measure built into your watch, it's really up to your personal preference. I do always wear a Survival Strap on my wrist. Made of tightly braided paracord that can hold up to 550 lbs, this bracelet can be unraveled to provide 16 feet of cordage. If any of your are fans of Survivor Man you know that cordage is one of the most important survival tools you can have and is one of the most time consuming to make. Granted I don't find myself lost in the jungle on a regular basis but I am an EMT and if someone broke a bone and I had nothing to splint it with, I would use the never know.

The Phone

It should be fairly obvious at this point that a smart phone is an incredibly important tool in your life. Whether it's an iPhone or a Blackberry, apps that help you find things, organize information, and contact others make it a bare essential. One of the main problems with smartphones is that they run out of battery very quickly. For my iPhone 4, I use a case with a built in solar charger. This is espeically useful when travelling abroad because it saves me the need to carry different adapters. It really gives me peace of mind knowing that I never have to worry about a dead battery. I also like the custom cases from Case-Mate. Most people would put a fun picture but I have a scan of my driver's license on mine as well as some other important information.

The Wallet

I use a simple card case made by Timbuk2.I carry a couple credit cards, drivers license and insurance card. For my own "insurance" I carry a credit card wallet tool. I rarely carry cash with me, I like to put everything I can on the credit card to make spending analysis easier and rack up as many rewards points as possible. 

The Keychain

This is where I really shine, I think I could repair a car with what I carry on my keychain. We start with the keychain itself. I like The Super Strong Load Bearing Keychain from Thinkgeek. It can hold about 441 pounds which may not seem very useful for holding your keys but if you pair it with the Survival Strap bracelet you can actually create some pretty impressive systems that could literally save your life. I always feel it's important to have some kind of knife on you, whether it's for opening packages, removing a splinter, or any other very common task. I have two multi-tools with me at all times, the Swiss Utili-Key and the True Utility KeyTool. Both offer a knife, bottle opener, screwdriver and some other little goodies. Next I have a LaCie ImaKey 16GB Flash Drive so that I can carry some critical data like medical records and contact info. I also find it handy for on the spot file transfer and if you are very tech savvy you can actually carry several portable apps on flash drive, making mobility that much easier. Finally, I complete the set with the True Utility FireStash miniature waterproof lighter. It's very compact and can provide you with fire as well as light .(You may have noticed a flashlight is absent from this list. However, if you're phone has a flash for a camera, this makes an excellent flashlight in a pinch.) True Utility also offers the shell of the lighter which you can you to carry an emergency cash stash or pills.