Apps We Love: Air Display


The Lowdown

App Name: Air Display
Platform: iPhone/iPad paired with OS X/Windows
Cost: $9.99

What Does It Do?

Air Display is one my favorite new additions to my mobile office. Air Display is a universal application for the iPhone/iPad that pairs with a small application on your desktop (OS X and Windows).

It turns your iPad or iPhone into an additional, wireless display for your computer. The best part, touch works! It's especially great for applications like Photoshop where you can put your tool palettes on the second monitor and just tap them. It also works pretty well for basic drawing tasks.

The developer really thought the application through. If you rotate your iPhone or iPad, it will rotate the screen orientation. It's pretty cool to be able to twist your desktop screen on the fly.

You certainly can't use it to watch video, and you're reminded that it's a wireless display every time you drag a window, but it's definitely usable and worth your $10 if you've ever wanted another monitor when you're on the road or wanted to use a touchscreen with your computer.