Things We Like: WebEx


The Problem

Meetings are not fun and they are generally very innefficient. There are several techniques for making meetings more productive but it seems like one of the best ones is simply not to be there if you don't have to be. You need an excellent solution for attending meetings remotely.

The Solution

I just had a truly incredible Less Doing experience using WebEx. I am in the planning stages of a real estate development project on the East end of Long Island. The project is called SylvanHaus and will consist of a retail component and a two bedroom affordable apartment. The building will utilize prefabricated building panels from a company called EcoSteel and the whole thing will be LEED certified and as "green" as possible. 

I'm sick in bed today and in no mood to go out anyway so bringing the meeting to me was already a plus. Sam from EcoSteel sent out an email with the URL for the conference as well as a call in number. I'm on my iPad and when I clicked the link it, took me to download the free WebEx app, which I wasn't even aware existed. After installing the app I opened it up from the link and I was looking at Sam's desktop and the plans for my building. As I picked up my phone to dial in for the audio part, a pop up asked me if I wanted to call in using the iPad. I was...impressed to say the least. I clicked yes and was immediately put into the conference where I could here the others discussing the project, I was able to talk to them and could even open a chat. The app even noted at the bottom of the screen who was speaking, which is always nerve wracking on a conference call with several people. 

So here I am, in bed with a cold in New York City, having a meeting with my architect in Long Island, my structural engineer in Atlanta, and the EcoSteel representatives in Utah. Amazing! The meeting lasted all of 22 minutes, there was no wasted time during the meeting, getting to and from the meeting, or chatting before and after. It was exactly what it needed to be and I was able to get back to my recovery...and writing this post.

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