Apps We Love: Skitch - A Camera for Your Computer Screen

The Lowdown

App Name: Skitch Platform: OS X Cost: Free or $14.95 for Skitch Plus

What Does It Do?

Skitch is an amazing screen capture tool that feels like a camera for your computer screen. Watch the video above, and you will understand it immediately.

I have been using Skitch since the beta started over a year ago, and now that it has reached v1.0, I thought it was time to share it with our readers. I love Skitch because it makes it dead simple to take a picture of anything on my screen (or my iSight camera), add notes to it and share it, all in less time than it takes me to write most emails.

To use Skitch activate it, frame the content you want to capture and let go of your mouse.

The real magic happens after Skitch captures the picture. Skitch makes it very easy to annotate an image and even do basic editing. I constantly use it to mark up website screenshots and create walkthroughs. You might have seen a Skitch screenshot in previous posts.

Skitch also provides basic image editing capabilities. It won’t replace PhotoShop, but it can help with quick edits. It has also become my go to tool for resizing and trimming images. (You can load existing pictures into Skitch using drag and drop.)

Once you have taken your screenshot and finish editing or annotating it, you can upload it to and share it immediately.

Skitch is one of my most used apps. It is beautifully simple, but it still has every feature you could ever want. Once you integrate it into your workflow, you will find yourself using it all the time to share things you are working on or to take pictures things you want to remember. (Evernote integration is a nice little bonus.)

P.S., The free version will be sufficient for most people’s needs, but if you would like to be able to capture full-length webpages or would like additional editing capabilities, you should take a look at it.