Things We Like: What Can I Make For You?


What Can I Make For You?

In a previous post we talked about having things customized to be more efficient. In Fundamentals of Less Doing: Customization, we showed you several sites that can help you customize clothing, food and even vitamin packs, but WhatCanIMakeForYou takes customization to an entirely different level.

What CAN They Make?

Pretty much anything that a maker can make. For instance, lets say you want a desk made out of bamboo with three drawers, one shelf and a glass top with your face etched into it, the people behind the site will find a maker that will produce it for you. You can also get custom made clothing, but in this case, it is really custom made because you set all the specs. Do you want a birthday cake that looks like Jim Belushi (a la the movie “Yes Man”), no problem.

I asked for a slim iPad case made out of some sort of recycled material. Since I am a green building consultant I thought it would be fitting. The next day I received an email with some clarification questions and the day after that I got my first sample pictures. They had found someone who make cases out of recycled vintage clothing, my favorite was the one made out of tweed. However, I wanted something that would be a hard, more protective material and told them so. The next day I received images of cases made out of recycled leather, it was perfect.

Clearing Customs

Obviously this service is great for gifts, but think of all of the things that you have that are almost right but not “just right”—this service will help you get rid of those nagging innefficiences, and you get something that’s one-of-a-kind to boot.