This Is How We Do It: Project Management with ManyMoon

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The Problem

There is no end to the list of project management tools at our disposal. Unfortunately, most of them are aimed at projects with a lot of team members instead of a two or three person team with many projects. Sometimes, you just need something simple.

The Solution

ManyMoon is incredibly intuitive and simple to use. The best part, it integrates directly with Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Docs. (It also works with your custom Google Apps account.) You can setup multiple projects and then assign task to the projects, attaching a relevant Google Doc and automatically adding the deadline to your personal calendar. Any comments on the micro-blog of a project can get emailed to all parties, and you can reply directly to the email with your comments. This is an excellent solution when working with outsourced workers.

For example you may have ten websites that you are designing but only one designer. Rather than sending dozens of emails back and forth and causing confusion (e.g., redirect the home page may be a task that could apply to several projects), all open tasks and communications show up in a centralized location. You get an instant overview of which tasks are coming due and which have been completed. The service is free for as many projects as you need, but they do offer premium accounts with some worthwhile features including email-to-task creation and shared online storage.

If You Only Walk Away With One Thing

ManyMoon is a simple, free project management tool that integrates with the Google services you likely already use. It makes interacting with a remote team fast and easy.