Things We Like: CatalogChoice and


In the fight to rid ourselves of unwanted communications and junk mail, two services stand out as shining stars. CatalogChoice takes care of physical nuisances while deals with the digital debris.

Paper Mail

CatalogChoice couldn't make it any easier to get rid of unwanted junk mail. Ever notice how when you get a catalog there is typically a source code or customer number? Simply setup a free account with CatalogChoice, and then when a catalog comes in, you simply search for the name of the company, input the the source or customer code (if you have them), and they sick their dogs on the company. Not only will they contact the company and request that they remove you from their lists, they will stay on top of them to make sure it gets done. Your dashboard on their website shows you the status of each request, and if a company sends you another item after you make the request you simply click one button to alert CatalogChoice of the offending item.


Either install the Gmail plugin for or just forward a message to a specific address, and the service will immediately get to work unsubscribing you from their mailing list. Sometimes you can do a one click "Unsubscribe," and sometimes you have to go through several steps, but takes care of everything. Just as with CatalogChoice you will get a report of the unsubscribing that has taken place and any items that require further action on your part.


Using these services you can reduce your incoming mail by at least 50% according to statistics, that's a whole lot of Less Doing.