Things We Like: The Pogoplug


What Is It?

The Pogoplug is a small device that basically acts as a gateway, connecting your devices to the internet. The concept of getting your files into the cloud is nothing new, but Pogoplug has a slightly different approach with more control than other options.

How Does It Work?

Once you get the device, you plug it into power and and connect it to the internet, then visit the companies website. When they say that the setup is extremely easy, it's a huge understatement. I think I had mine up and running in about 15 seconds. It was incredible. Unlike services like SurgarSync or Dropbox, which we love here at Less Doing, there are no monthly fees and no storage limits with Pogoplug because you provide the storage. You can hook up to four USB devices up to the Pogoplug, that means that you can get a 500GB external drive, a smaller portable external drive, even a printer, and hook them all up to the Pogoplug. The device will index any media and files on the drives and make them immediately available by visiting the Pogoplug website, or with the extremely well designed iPhone and iPad apps. Now you can watch any saved movie anywhere you are.

In addition, you can connect a printer, then email any document to the Pogoplug and it will be waiting for your when you get there. The Pogoplug will also interface with a Playstation or Xbox as a media server, so you can view your media on your big screen TV.

As far as Less Doing goes, you can have the Pogoplug in the next room or another country and maintain fast, secure access to all your files. You can share things with people by email or even social media, making collaboration a snap.

If You Only Walk Away With One Thing

The Pogoplug is an affordable, highly customizable solution for accessing your files and printers from anywhere your travels might take you.