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The Lowdown

App Name: Platform: Web Cost: Free unless you have crazy scheduling needs

What Does It Do?

It sends emails in the future! is a simple way to schedule an email to someone (even yourself) at a future date.

Just go to the website, create an account and register all of the email addresses you would like to use with the service. After that, you have two options:

  1. Use their web based editor (which looks just like a standard webmail client as you can see in the picture above).
  2. Send an email to and include the scheduling details at the top of the email. You can find the instructions for doing that here.

If you schedule an email that you need to edit or cancel, simply login, and you will be presented with all of your scheduled emails.

I added to my address book, and a canned response in Gmail that adds the fields that requires (i.e., to, cc, bcc, when and options).

Speaking of options, there are a few cool ones:

  • Recurring - schedule an email to be sent on a regular basis (e.g., weekly or monthly)
  • Hide - hide the email from your dashboard so you cannot undo the scheduling
  • Remind - receive a copy of the email 3 days before it is sent

There are a lot of different ways you can use this. Most recently, I wrote an email to some colleagues that I knew were spending time with family over the holidays, and I did not want to bother them with it, so I scheduled it for delivery a few days after New Years Day. I have also used it to schedule an email to ask my roommates to water my plants while I am on the road.

Now if only someone could develop an app to send emails in the past.