Things We Like: The Trunk Club


How Does It Work?

The Trunk Club is a service offered by a men's clothing store based in Chicago. First you answer some questions on the site about your measurements and likes and dislikes. Then you have a brief phone conversation with your personal stylist about what kind of clothes you like to where, where you work, what you do in your free time, etc...You can have a skype interview as well so they can get a better look at your or - in what I think is a pretty innovative use of social media - they can friend you on Facebook, peruse your pictures and from that gain better insight to your style.

A few days later you receive your first trunk, filled with complete outfits, including shoes if you so desire and you get to give your self or a significant other a little fashion show. You are under no obligation to keep anything they send you and all of the items are at retail price. Trunk Club does not charge for it's very valuable service. Then you simply put what you want to keep in your closet and the rest goes back in the box. The included FedEx label means shipping is covered and when they receive it back on their end, they automatically charge your card for the clothes you kept.

How Was The Experience?

This was about as easy as it gets. Since I don't work in an office I dress pretty casually most of the time, but I don't want to look like a college sophomore who's late for class when I go outside. I would never say that I'm into fashion, but I do like to look presentable. The stylists at Trunk Club (mine is named Anne) know their stuff. The first trunk I got was right on the money. I really liked everything she sent me and rather than just having a stack of shirts she actually put together full outfits for me. Maybe that sounds a little juvenile but it definitely beats the alternative. I can't count how much time I've wasted and the amount of frustration that has mounted by me spending 10 minutes picking out what I legitimately think is a nice outfit, only to be shot down by my wife with a "You're not wearing THAT are you?" It's only then that I look in the mirror and realize every time that she's right. I'm totally fine with not being able to put together and we always say when you can't do something well you should delegate this. I can't wait for my next trunk.

Final Cut

If you're pressed for time, have no fashion sense, or both, The Trunk Club will make it easy to get great clothes, meant for you, with little to no effort on your part.