Things We Like: Hassle Me


The Problem

Sometimes we need habitual reminds but we don’t necessarily want them at specific intervals, that’s where HassleMe comes in.

How It Works

The site doesn’t require any registration, all you do is visit HassleMe, enter the reminder and then put in ROUGHLY how many days you want in between reminders. You get a confirming email and that’s it. It’s almost ridiculously simple but performs an excellent function. One of the reasons the snooze button on your alarm clock is so ineffective is that yo know the interval, which for some high level psychological reason makes it easier to ignore. I’m guilty myself. I know that my alarm clock has a 9 minute snooze, so I usually set it about 20 minutes before i need to get up. Same thing with reminders, a reminder that comes every day or every week on the dot will eventually get ignored. I actually have a reminder set up to do a post for this blog. I set it for every four days, so sometimes it take 6 days sometimes it take 3. Somehow the randomness comes at the right time, and I get it done. It’s also great to remind you to do things like grocery shopping, read a book, change an air filter, etc.

If You Only Walk Away With One Thing

If you need reminders at approximate intervals, this is the service to use