OAO – An Unpronounceable Acronym

Generally when approaching personal or business tasks a lot of time can be wasted in preparation or research. For example if you wanted to book a hotel for a holiday, you would spend time going through Trip Advisor reviews, looking at maps, and comparing different hotel profiles. Here at Less Doing we have devised a simple three step plan to help you get through logistically challenging tasks more quickly.

First you should break the task down to its simplest form, where it is as complication free as possible. In the case of the above analogy of booking a holiday, this will involve working out what you want from different things. For example, which flight times would be ideal, which airports, shuttles etc.

This is the point where you let machines take over. Kind of like in the Terminator movies, except instead of fiery destruction what you actually get is more leisure time. You can automate your tasks using anything from web apps to software. Recently we published an article about outsourcing travel planning. Since then we’ve found this awesome app Plnnr. It basically provides a connection service that allows you to tailor all the aspects of a trip or holiday. In terms of cost efficiency it is certainly superior to hiring someone through an agency such as Elance.

Finally, if you cannot find a program to do your work for you, it is time to find a specialist. A specialist will work at twice the speed you could have managed and this will give you more time in which to do something that you are actually good at. Previously on Less Doing, Trunk Club was mentioned. Trunk club is great. It basically provides a personalized wardrobe for those who are too busy to spend time shopping but are still fashion conscious. This is an example of outsourcing at best. Now there is also a business which provides bespoke interior design through the internet. It is called RemoteStylist and is probably the most affordable service of its kind. As ever the benefits of outsourcing are clear. You invest less of your valuable time in logistical nightmares, and you get better and more polished results.