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How is it different?

There are a myriad programs and services for streaming and most of them are very similar; a simple platform for downloading torrents from a catalogue of third party sources. differs in that it automatically extracts files into a form of cloud storage so that they are instantly available to be streamed from the website.

What are the benefits? supports all of the popular download sites such as MediaFire, Rapidshare and even protocols such as Bittorrent. It allows you to download from multiple sources, meaning that you are likely to get faster download speeds than you would if you were using any one of the above services. Downloads are typically 10-20mb/sec depending on the speed of the peer at the other end. To ensure you are making the most of the available bandwidth utilizes multiple GigE pipes

As well as allowing you to stream files straight from storage online, also makes it simple to encode media to play on portable devices such as the iPhone and iPad.

Making use of crowd sourcing,’s API allows 3rd party developers to create all manner of add-ons on top of the platform.

Value for money?

Of course a product head and shoulders above the crowd generally comes at a price. However is currently working in beta mode and because of this it is (for the moment at least) completely free. So it’s probably worth checking out ASAP.