Things We Like: Zaarly

What Zaarly does

            Less Doing is primarily concerned with delegation. With Zaarly, if you have any job that needs doing you can quickly and easily post a job online. Any other people with Zaarly near your location will see your post and are free to respond. What makes Zaarly different from other sites such as Craigslist is that it is more closely focused on your location. This means that it will only be people in your area who will be notified of your job and who will be able to reply. Essentially this service cuts out the middle man and breaks commerce down to its simplest form. A user posts a job and an offered amount of money and another local user with suitable skills contacts them.

Potential Uses

            Like all great products, the potential uses of Zaarly are for the most part limited only by the imagination. We say for the most part because of certain clauses in the Zaarly terms and conditions.  In the most oppressive small print since Apple forbade users from manufacturing nuclear weapons using iTunes,  Zaarly specifies it may not be used for the sale of blood, bodily fluids, or body parts.

What? No Body Parts!?

            ‘What’s the point then?’ we hear you cry. Well of course you could always for example get a DJ for a function, rent gardening equipment or hire someone with a van to help you move furniture. Any of these things will likely come in at below trade price since you start by naming a figure yourself. Zaarly is available in pretty much every American state at the moment and its user base is growing every day. There is even a chance that it could bring back a sense of community in places that need it. Don’t forget that every time you work with someone through Zaarly you have a new local business contact.