Apps We Love: Onavo


What is it?

Onavo is a service which allows you to save money on your iPhone’s data plan. It lets you double or even triple your plan, both at home and abroad. This should be particularly useful to those of you who use your iPhone while travelling, since many countries charge far more than the US for data transfer. At present I (Ari) am in Nice for the Ironman France, and my data charges have been an estimated 70% lower thanks to Onavo. This app definitely keeps you connected, and also prevents uncontrollable wincing at the price of every Facebook update. The service offers a monthly breakdown on exactly where your money is going, allowing you to effectively manage your bill.

How does it work?

Onavo can be downloaded like any other app through the iTunes store. After you have downloaded it you have to register and install the Onavo profile on your device. Following this install, any data you receive on your iPhone will first be streamed through a cloud based compression system managed by Onavo. Onavo then shows you the details of your data usage and allows you to choose to compress certain parts before the data is passed on to you. Less data equals less cost. Simple.

If you only take away one thing…

Like all the best things in life, Onavo is free. Albeit for a limited period, but cancelling the service if you are unhappy with it is straightforward. The Onavo website claims any future fees will be based around ensuring its users still save money, so it really is a win-win situation.