Things We Like: MyGofer


What is it?

The dream of less doing is to minimize the effort you expend on menial tasks, thereby freeing up your time for more important things. We’ve already featured the Trunk Club, a service which works as a combination of personal stylist and clothes delivery. If you’re the sort of person who is happy to outsource your clothes buying, why not delegate all your other shopping to third parties too?  Mygofer offers you the opportunity to efficiently do just that.

Shopping online? So what?

What differentiates Mygofer from other online retailers is the scope of its products and service. Mygofer is in essence the Amazon of groceries. It sells everything from televisions to clothes to prescriptions, and you can either collect free of charge in store, or pay a comparatively small fee for delivery. And when we say in store, we don’t mean in a Mygofer store, we mean in any store that can source your products and is in partnership with Mygofer. Examples of such companies include Kmart and Sears. The lack of physical overheads also allows this service to focus on bringing delivery prices down as far as possible. If you have an iPhone there is of course a Mygofer app, so you can shop for those day to day essentials from anywhere.

If you only take away one thing:

It’s free to sign up, and with the horrifying price of gas, you may well find it cheaper to have your groceries delivered. Don’t forget time is money too, and for the time poor this company is great for saving invaluable time that would otherwise be wasted pushing around a shopping cart.