How To Be Everyone


There are two main benefits to outsourcing your work. The most obvious is what we usually talk about in this blog, you can get a lot more work done by delegating your tasks to other people. The second, more interesting reason is that you can take advantage of skill sets you don't have, and more importantly, you can offer those skill sets to other people, like your clients. You can also just appear more impressive to your friends and family by getting stuff done you were never trained today. The beauty of outsourcing is that you can decide to be an architect one day, a graphics designer the next, a novelist the day after that, and maybe a photographer the day after that. You can also be all of those things at once but then you may want to outsource a PR person to explain how you're accomplishing everything without the use of controlled substances.

What this means is that you can start and operate a business with little or no up front investment in talent. Most providers service several clients at once so they'll bill you on an hourly basis and you only pay for the time you use. It's good to establish a relationship with a quality provider early on, even if you don't have the work for them yet. That way you won't be scrambling to hire people once the big jobs come in. Gone are the days when we need to rent an office space and then hire a bunch of people while we wait for the big orders to come in. Even large companies like Plantronics have designed their new headquarters to accommodate just 60% of their workforce to encourage telecommuting and outsourcing. 

Here's a list of just some of the talent I have working for me on a regular basis, all of whom I found on Elance:

- Architect
- Electrical Engineer
- Graphic Designer
- Ghost Writer
- Social Media Specialist
- Transcriptionist
- Virtual Assistant
- Web Designer
- Mobile Application Developer
- Ebook Editor and Designer
- Researcher
- Language Tutor

Each one of these hires has a story to go along with it but the fact is, I have an entire workforce at my disposal, when I need them. I can take on ten new projects tomorrow for my green consulting business even though I don't have a single employee because I have the infrastructure in place, ready to pounce. Everything gets documented and recorded through Elance so if I ever needed to change providers, the learning curve would be minimal. You don't always have that security with someone on site.

I don't have any of the skill sets I've listed above, but as far as my clients concerned, my company, and essentially I am offering everything they need. In addition, if you do happen to have one of these skill sets already, then you can simply create multiples of yourself. If you are a writer, wouldn't it be great to say you have a team of five writers who can get an article done in one day instead of the five it might take you. Or that you're research team can find a thousand data points by the end of day?

There's an enormous pool of talent out there, waiting for work. What are you waiting for?