Achievement Architecture - Be More Effective


"What I need is someone who will make me do what I can."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Less Doing has taken me on a path I never intended but am nonetheless
very pleased with. A few months ago I started teaching classes through
Skillshare (a wonderful platform) on The Art of Less Doing. The
original goal was simply to get live feedback and hone my content,
really just to see if anyone found it interesting. It turns out I was
being very short sighted. Incidentally, I find that it's ok to be
short sighted as long as you keep an open mind to any other
opportunities that might come your way. The classes became more and
more popular and I am proud to be considered a Skillshare Master
Teacher with classes every month.

After the fourth class, I realized that there were some very
individualized problems that people were dealing with and they weren't
just based around productivity. A lack of productivity was simply the
symptom, not the cause.  There were students who had a specific
identified problem they couldn't overcome, As well as those who were
simply "stuck." I started doing individual coaching on pretty much any
problem my clients could throw at me. It ran the gamut from the client
who wanted to go from running a 9.5 minute mile to a 7 minute mile in
90 days (I got him there in 66 days with less than 20 minutes of
training per day), to the client who was successful by most measures
but couldn't figure out the right next step in her life or how to get

By applying analytics, personal tracking and experimentation,
appropriate goal setting, and employing tools and techniques to
optimize, automate, and outsource everything, I have worked with some
amazing individuals with some astounding results. From bio-hacking to
corporate operations, I have been able to apply a system to make
people more effective and it's been incredibly gratifying. I was even
able to apply these techniques to myself 3 years ago after struggling
with Crohn's Disease - an incurable disease of the digestive tract -
for 2 years. It took me 6 months to rid my body of any sign if the
illness, and another year to compete in Ironman France. (See my TED Talk)

I'm looking forward to 2012 and the new challenges it will bring. How
can I help you be more effective?