Quick Review: AskMeEvery


Most people would agree that they would be more successful and happier if they were able to optimize their productivity every day. The problem is, we all get distracted and fall behind on important tasks and then forget about them, or worse, get discouraged and give up. That's where the “Ask Me Every” service can help.

The easy to use service will text you a question of your choosing at a specific time each day and you simply reply with the answer. You can then log into their site and view your custom graph to see how your doing with your goals. This is a great way to automate the task of tracking the steps your taking to reach your goals by outsourcing the reminders and the work involved with compiling your results.

Of course, not only will the daily texts help you to keep track of how your doing on your goals, but it will also serve as motivation to make sure you stay the path. Every time you get that daily text it will be like a kick in the pants to complete whatever task you need to do so you can reply to the text saying it was done.

Do you want to know how many cups of coffee you usually drink or how often you go to the bathroom? This is the service for you. Welcome to the Quantified Self.