Self Improvement on Steroids or Becoming A Secret Agent


Achievement Architecture focuses a lot on distracting clients from the minutiae of their everyday lives, opening their eyes to new opportunities, and generally getting out of their own way. One of the ways we accomplish this is by learning new skills, especially those that have nothing to do with our "normal" lives. If you work in finance and always have, pick up a manual skill like woodworking. Never considered yourself a creative person, take a photography class. Learning these skills helps with personal enrichment and can take your focus off your challenges just long enough to see the solutions. On the flip side, once you are living an optimized lifestyle, you want to fill up that free time with meaningful activities. Here's some inspiration.

I just finished reading Emergency by Neil Strauss. Basically at the dawn of the millennium, Neil was a journalist working on a story on groups believing that the the year 2000 would mark the apocalypse and he wanted to spend the night with one of the groups to document the "transition." He had a lot of trouble getting any group to let him in because obviously, if a reporter wanted to write an article for people to read the day after the end of the world, they clearly didn't believe in the cause. He did manage to find one group and the experience started him on a long path of preparing himself in the event of a widespread catastrophic event, such as an global economic meltdown or terrorist attack.

The process begins with him attempting to obtain a second citizenship so he could have a non-US passport in the event he needed a safe haven. Most countries require that you live there for a number of years which he wasn’t willing to do while some let you simply make a sizable investment in order to gain a passport which he wasn't able to do. He finally came to St. Kitts, which simply required that you buy a home valued at more than $350,000. After purchasing his condo in St. Kitts he experiences a power outage and the prospect of looters. He realizes that in the event of a meltdown, he was totally unprepared to protect himself and survive and thus begins a one and a half year long quest for a passport and the life skills he would need for the day after tomorrow…

Shoot a gun - Gunsite is the premier firearms training facility in the world training military, law enforcement and the private civilian.

Survive in the wild - Tom Brown, Jr. is one of the most famous trackers and has found children missing and serial killers hiding in the woods for the police, FBI and many others. His Tracker School teaches people how to leave their home with nothing but the clothes on their back and survive off the land.

Live off the land - Sometimes you won’t be able to catch or even find wild game and will need to know which plants will nourish, which will kill, and which will make you high…just in case you get bored. "Wildman" Steve Brill will teach you what you need to know.

How to flee - Learn to drive a motorcycle to avoid masses of cars leaving cities and choose a rugged motorcycle that can get through rough terrain and won't break down like the ROKON Trail-Breaker, which also can store water and fuel in its wheels. Learn to fly a plane or even a gyrocopter.

Know how to respond to disaster - The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Program educates people about disaster preparedness for hazards that may impact their area and trains them in basic disaster response skills, such as fire safety, light search and rescue, team organization, and disaster medical operations. Using the training learned in the classroom and during exercises, CERT members can assist others in their neighborhood or workplace following an event when professional responders are not immediately available to help.

Survive an urban environment - At onPoint Tactical students will learn some specialized escape and lock picking skills. Students will spend time in the city in an extensive (extended) escape and evasion simulation. Students will be required to obtain food, water, and shelter and remain overnight in the city. They will need to avoid capture, and they will be required to complete several tests or scenarios that will require advanced students to truly apply their Scout and urban survival skills.

Global caches - In the event you need to leave your home at a moments notice, you need to have survival items like guns, rations, and money hidden in various places around the country and even the world in places like bus station lockers, caves or buried in the ground. Geocaching can help you with this.

Know how to fight - Krav Maga is the official martial art of the Israel Defense Forces and has taken many techniques from various martial arts, but unlike the set routines and choreographed moves in some martial arts, Krav Maga teaches realistic fighting and self-defense – attacks in social settings (pubs, clubs, street etc). Typical training often includes exercises simulating fighting against one or several opponents and/or protecting another from the first class on. This can also involve a debilitating scenario – the use of only one arm, while dizzy and against armed opponents.

Be the next best thing to a doctor - EMT Training will teach you how to deal with almost any medical issue to the point of stabilizing someone until they can see an actual doctor, even if that means delivering a baby.

Communicate after the end - When all infrastructure disintegrates and you need to band together with other people who might be able to assist you, knowing out to operate a HAM radio will be essential.

So stop specializing and start generalizing, learn as many skills as you can because investing in yourself is always the right thing to do.