Micro Pearls of Productivity Wisdom

MicroPearlsOfProductivityWisdom1) FOMO is a MOFO FOMO stands for Fear of Missing Out. Everyone likes to be in the know but it's really hard to keep up with all the information we are exposed to everyday. See my blog post on Dealing with Information Overload but also realize that you are probably covering more information than most people if you are making a concerted effort. If you're goal is to be more knowledgeable about things that affect you're business or personal life, just making an effort to stay on top of things puts you half way there. Remember to overuse services like Evernote. If something catches your attention, you don't need to know why it's interesting or relevant now, but if you put it in a place that's searchable and archived (have I mentioned Evernote?) than it will be there when it's needed. Also keep in mind that if you let something go for even a day or two thinking you'll get to it, it's probably no longer relevant to you, or anyone else, so don't worry about it. Information requires context in order for us to effectively process and sometimes the timing and the context don't match up but they will at some point.

2) BoomerangCalendar is like Boomerang, For Your Calendar

3) Automatically Let People Know You Arrived Safely with IFTTT

Are there people in your life that you call whenever you travel somewhere just to let them know you're safe? Maybe you have groups of friends in different parts of the world and once in a blue moon when you find yourself in a particular locale, you forget to catch up with one of two people? I've already raved about IFTTT before and here is one of the 32 things I use it for on a regular basis. It's a pretty simple setup, whenever I check into a location of a particular category on Foursquare, it sends an email to someone letting them know. If I check into an airport, it emails my wife telling her I'm safe. If I check into one of the airports in London, my friends get a heads up and a suggestion to meet. It's very easy to get stressed out when traveling and forget to contact important people, never forget with IFTTT.

4) Supercharge Bank and Utility Statements with FileThis

FileThis does just one things and it does it really well. It downloads e-statements from utility companies and banks to your Evernote account. This allows you to do two very cool things, search and share. PDFs in Evernote are searchable so you can find that one transaction among thousands from different time periods and accounts quickly and easily. You can also share the notebooks with someone else like your accountant or your virtual assistant  giving them secure access to all of your transaction information without providing the ability to transfer money or make payments.

5) Upgrade Your Health And Start Tracking With Inside Tracker

InsideTracker which uses your blood to analyze and track several markers of health. You’ll get specific recommendations of foods to eat more of or eliminate from your diet to improve your health as well as athletic performance. Repeat 2 to 4 times per year to see how you’re doing and continue improving. Automate and Outsource the process of improving your health now. Use code ARIMTM10512 to receive a discount on any of their plans.