Solution Sundays

Solution Sundays is a brand new series I'm implementing. Every Sunday I will briefly tell you about a problem or challenge I faced this week and the solution I found to overcome it. These issues will range from health to productivity and though they may be specific to me, the principles of discovering solutions to problems are universally applicable.

The Problem

I was working out at my Crossfit gym this week because of the nature of the movements we were doing, I couldn't keep my phone in my pocket. Since my son was born I've been in the habit of making sure I'm always in touch, just in case. Of course the one time I decide not to have my phone with me is the time I need it. My phone was only 30 feet away from me in a cubby but it might as well have been on my night table at home because I couldn't hear it anyway. My son started crawling a couple of weeks ago and that day he managed to pull the dog gate onto himself and cut his lip. My wife called me several times but I didn't get the call so she called the gym, someone came and got me, and I frantically ran to my phone to find 7 missed calls from my wife. In the end everything was fine but the lip tends to bleed a lot and my wife got nervous. When I got home and everything settled down I realized I wanted a solution. To be able to leave my phone nearby but not on me and still get alerted to an important call.

The Solution

I searched for iPhone Watch on Google and found the Pebble, which is a digital watch that connects via bluetooth to your iphone and shows you key notifications. I didn't like it. I can't really tell you why but it just didn't look right. Then, as if by kismet, I searched again a couple days later and found a brand new project on Kickstarter that looked like it fit the bill perfectly, the MetaWatch Strata. See the video below and become a backer...