Solution Sundays - Toy Detective

This past weekend we were visiting family and my cousin has a 16 month old daughter. She had a little playhouse that was actually really cool, everything in it was interactive from the phone in the living room to the doorbell to the television set in the bedroom. My son, who is almost 8 months old was absolutely fascinated with it.

We wanted to get one but my cousin couldn't remember where they got it and it had no identifying marks on it to give us some clue what it was even called. I thought I'd take a shot in the dark, I took a picture with my iPhone and sent it to Fancy Hands with the instructions "Try and find this."

About 20 minutes later I got an email with a link toe the toy on, to which I responded "Wow, order it!" and that was that.

The reason I'm writing this as part of my Sunday Solutions series is that sometimes being ambiguous and not giving specific direction can produce positive results. The assistants at Fancy Hands are required to complete tasks to the best of their abilities, this was a shining example.