Sunday Solutions - Web App Simplicity

20120901-072534.jpg At one point I went on a "cloudifying" rampage, getting rid of whatever software I could on my computer and finally settling on Dropbox and Chrome. This means that I mobile, I am fluid, and my information is bulletproof. I apply the same principles to my iPhone.

I will only allow myself to use one screen so there's a limit to the apps I can have and I don't just go downloading apps like crazy. There are apps that I use occasionally but they are important. Many apps are really glorified versions of the mobile website for that service. Enter MyFaves

MyFaves creates a very elegant start page with icons to go to your web apps. They have about 100 sites to choose from and you can add your own. Then you can delete the apps from your phone, saving storage space and making it easier to access those services from other devices.