Solution Sundays - Data Tracking with IFTTT

A Clever Information Trap created with ifttt My favorite site, IFTTT recently added a Google Drive channel, meaning you can now make about 50 other web services interact with your Google Drive (formerly Google Docs) account. At a basic level this is nothing really new, just as could do with Dropbox before, you can have IFTTT save Instagram files to Google Drive or automatically download items from an RSS feed. A feature they have added that makes the channel totally amazing is the ability to add lines to a spreadsheet.

This allows you to do some very complex personal data analysis without lifting a finger. For instance, you can have every Foursquare check in added to a spreadsheet. After a week you'll be able to see your most frequented places, how often you went there, or any number of other statistics. You can have favorite tweets added to a spreadsheet, make a list of new items on Netflix, or even create a personal record of your local weather. Once the data is in a spreadsheet there really isn't any limit to how you can manipulate it to better understand how you are spending your time and allocating resources in order to optimize your life.

If you feel like your spreadsheet skills could use a little brushing up and you are in NYC, you might want to check out this excellent Skillshare class.

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