The End of Tungle

Image representing ScheduleOnce as depicted in... I've often recommended Tungle as way of getting rid of the headaches of scheduling meetings. The service allows you to take the normal 7 emails it takes to schedule an appointment all  the way down to one. Tungle started out several years ago and then was bought by RIM. They didn't kill the service but they also didn't do anything with it. They sent an email out to users today informing them that the service would be shut down in early December. There are several alternatives but I want to recommend ScheduleOnce as the most comparable and possibly even better replacement.

Tungle - Scheduleing made easy!

Like Tungle, ScheduleOnce provides you with a public facing appointment page where people can request meetings with you. You get a lot more control and automated features with ScheduleOnce like buffers between appointments to allow for travel and automated email reminders to meeting participants (something I usually have my virtual assistant do).

This is my official recommendation, feel free to make other suggestions in the comments.

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