What Does It Mean To Be Done?

When you finish a plate of food, would say that you are done? Most of you would, but what does that really mean? You are probably done eating the meal that was in front of you but your body is definitely not done digesting, it's just starting. Things keep happening in the background that you have no active part in and don't need to do anything about until sometime later you get a signal that it's time to go the bathroom. I apologize for the imagery but I can't think of a more perfect simile for what it's like to delegate tasks.

We want to automate as much in life as possible so that your concious mind is only called upon when you need it and your unconcious mind (whether that is a virtual assistant or your digestive tract) can operate freely without your interference. The point is you need to be able to experience as many instances of being monetarily "done" as possible. This allows you to let go while simulataneously feeling the instant gratification of constant progress. For instance, when you send an email that has a FollowUp.cc on it, you know it will be taken care of if the person doesn't respond to you so as far as your concerned, when you hit the send button, you are done and shouldn't be thinking about it anymore until it comes back to you. If at 9PM you send an email to your virtual assistant or a text to TalkTo asking them to reschedule a doctors appointment, the office doesn't open for another 12 hours, so why should that be on your mind. When you send the request at 9pm, YOU ARE DONE. The assistant will deal with it and you can't do anything about it until the office opens and the assistant either confirms the change (DONE) or tells you there is a problem and you have to respond with a new request (DONE). If you remember ABC from Glengarry Glen Ross, this is Always Be Done.