Succulent Saturdays - Recipe of the Week


From warding off vampires to keeping a bad date at bay, garlic has some pretty impressive superpowers. If you’re not exactly hanging with the Twilight crowd, a clove or two can add plenty of punchy flavor to a dish for just a handful of calories. Garlic is an everyday superfood that’s loaded with antioxidants that zap cancer-causing free radicals, and vitamins C and B6 and manganese that make sure various body functions are shipshape at all times.

Get ready to start peeling and mincing, because aromatic garlic is a bulb, not a spice or seasoning. During the peak growing season from February to June, look for firm, plump bulbs with dry white or purple papery skin. Store garlic outside the refrigerator in a cool, airy place: A whole garlic bulb will keep for eight weeks, and once the cloves are broken apart they will last between three and 10 days.

Just in time for National Garlic Day, here are a few garlicky favorites we think are well worth the pungent breath. From soup to snacks to vegetable dishes, get your garlic on this weekend with some of the awesome recipes below.

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