Things I Found Interesting This Week (9/13/13)

ThingsIFoundInterestingThisWeek-B-09-13-13 Each week I read thousands of blog posts from hundreds of sources, these are the best things that I found this week.


1) 11 Common Words With Very Specific Meanings on Food Labels - Mental Floss 2) Fourteen Oddball Reasons You’re Not Dead Yet - Slate 3) The Pistachio Manifesto: Antioxidant, Metal Chelator, DNA Protector, Anti-Cancer Agent, Bug Killer (incl. H. Pylori & Herpes Simplex) & More. Have You Been Missing Out? - SuppVersity - Nutrition and Exercise Science for Everyone 4) 7 Fat-Regulating Hormones That Become Out of Whack With Too Little Sleep - Huffpost Healthy Living 5) The Most Awesome Explanation Ever of What Happens When You Stop Going Outside - Good + You 6) Tabata Workouts: Do They Work & How Energy-Demanding Are They? 14.5 Kcal/Min Sounds Nice, But You Must Earn It! - SuppVersity - Nutrition and Exercise Science for Everyone 7) The Strangest Way to Detox - The Bulletproof Executive


Chocolate Coconut Energy Bars - Wellness Mama

Outsourced Tasks

People are always asking me what I have my virtual assistants do. On average I request about 150 tasks per month, some by phone and some by email. Whether you are using FancyHands or Zirtual, here's some ideas of the things you can outsource:

- Change my mailing address for these bills
- Find an extra tall child gate
- Login to Airbnb and issue a refund for this reservation

If you want to learn how to get the most out of working with a virtual assistant, follow this link for discounted access to my online course. To see my top tasks throughout the week, follow Twitter hashtag #ttask

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