Quick Post - Why The Ultimate Standing Desk is No Desk

Blog-CAPS-QuickPost–WhyIt's about 8pm where I am right now and this is the first time today that I've actually used my computer. Come to think of it I haven't opened my laptop in three days. I'm not on vacation, I've been incredibly productive and getting a lot done. Thanks to an experiment a while back to see if I could run my entire life and business from my iPhone (which was successful) I do everything from wherever I am at any given moment and rarely sit, or stand, at a desk to use a computer. Not only is that liberating in itself but it enables me to work much more fluidly and become a better reactionary. Standing desks have become all the rage because sitting is bad for you. People have gone so far as to create treadmill desks so they are constantly walking while working. Why spending thousands of dollars of one of these desks when you can simply configure your mobile device for total access. Go ahead, experiment with it for the week and see what things you can't accomplish from your phone, but then stop and think about how you can. Do you need to get a special app? Do you need to send the task or email to a virtual assistant, even if it's just so they can convert a file and send it back? Really think about what it takes and you'll find you'll be able to spend more time on your feet, more time moving, and less time tied to one place.

Incidentally, Kelly Starrett at MobilityWOD did a great video on maintaining correct spinal position while using your phone, I highly recommend it.