Who's Ready for Some Blood Sport?

WhosReadyForSomeBloodSportInsideTracker, the company that allows you to do your own blood testing and tracking is sponsoring a competition for my readers and listeners. As a sort of new years resolution, you will have the opportunity to compete for prizes by getting healthier. The person with the most optimized markers after a two month period will be showered in gifts and of course, will be much healthier to top it all off. Prizes will an iPad Air, consultations with me, copies of my book, and tons of other cool stuff.

Every participant will get:

Performance Plan: Our comprehensive 20-biomarker test provides access to the full power of the InsideTracker analytics and recommendation platform.

Analytics Engine: Your followers will have access to our sophisticated algorithm, called B.R.A.I.N (Biomarker Research Analysis Integrative Network), which determines optimal zones for each of the 20 individual biomarkers for all of your followers. These optimal zones are personalized based on the latest peer-reviewed scientific research. B.R.A.I.N suggests scientifically based nutritional interventions to optimize biomarker levels based on each of your member’s unique profiles

LabCorp Testing: The power of InsideTracker coupled with the convenience of over 1,500 nationwide LabCorp locations. LabCorp visits require no additional cost (must have lab slip in-hand)

Nutrition Database: The InsideTracker database consists of over 7,500 foods that have been scientifically researched to understand their impact on specific biomarkers. The InsideTracker analytic engine will recommend effective and simple nutrition interventions to help move your folower’s biomarker levels into their personalized optimal zones

Nutrition Plan: The InsideTracker nutrition plan presents a clear picture of the foods available in the InsideTracker database with specific recommendations for each individual member’s needs based on their blood biomarker levels and resulting nutrition needs. This expert system helps to personalize the member’s diet based on their unique food preferences and dietary restrictions. The InsideTracker Nutrition Plan provides personalized food options tailored to all of the out-of-range biomarkers your followers are trying to optimize


To participate, you'll need to purchase two blood test plans, which you'll get a 15% discount on, so the total comes to $488. Participants must get their 1st blood draw between Wed Jan 1st and Wed Jan 15th to be eligible to win a prize. Participants must get their 2nd blood draw between Wed March 5th and Wednesday March 19th a to end the program and be eligible to win a prize. Participants that optimize their blood the most – parameters determined by InsideTracker – win TBD prizes. Winners are determined by 1) Number of biomarkers optimized (taken from not optimized to optimized), 2) if there is no clear winner based on number of optimized biomarkers, tie-breaker goes to person who shows largest cumulative increase in biomarker improvement (add up all marker levels at beginning, then at end, total improvement measured by the delta).