What is Inflammation?


This is not a post about the amazing weight loss transformation I experienced through my journey towards better health. I'm not even going to tell you how many pounds I was in the before versus the after. What I want you to realize is that what you are seeing, is the result of chronic inflammation. The bloated, puffy, and almost greasy texture of my skin is what happens when inflammation is wining the battle against your body.

Inflammation is our bodies natural response to protect the various systems inside us from our skeletal system to your digestive system, to our nervous system. Acute inflammation is how we repair, but when inflammation becomes chronic, we start to get destruction of healthy tissue and that's when illnesses begin to surface. Think about it like using a brillo pad to wipe magic marker off your wall after your child got "creative." The marker comes off quick;y but if you keep scrubbing, the clean paint will being to chip off and if you keep going beyond that, the wet sheetrock underneath will become a hotbed for mold growth. Unfortunately, stress, more specifically distress (good stress is known as eustress) will contribute to inflammation, and depending on where it is, the constant cycle of destruction and healing leads to scar tissue that becomes more or less permanent.

One of the first places you'll notice inflammation is in your skin, puffiness, blemishes and acne are like the canaries in the mines that alert us to the earliest signs that our immune system has gone to battle. It should be a general goal in your life to avoid inflammation at all costs by eating a low sugar, high good fat diet, getting proper amounts of sleep for recovery, and avoiding stress.