Things I Found Interesting This Week (12/27/13)

ThingsIFoundInterestingThisWeek-12-27-13 Each week I read thousands of blog posts from hundreds of sources, these are the best things that I found this week. For daily updates, follow me on Twitter and Facebook.


1) Transform information from the web into useable data -

2) It's Science: The 15 Studies From 2013 That Matter to Your Health Most - Greatist 

3) Irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory - PubMed Mobile

4) The Food Lab: The Science of the Best Chocolate Chip Cookies - Serious Eats: Sweets

5) Tethering for BlackBerry, iPhone - tether

6) “You are what your father eats,” according to new study. - TreeHugger

7) MK1 Transforming Coffee Table - Uncrate

8) Why Dirt Matters to Your Health - Soil Quality 

9) How To Always Take Action: Ditch The All Or Nothing Mindset - Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement

10) Yelling Stop: Low-Carb Athletes: World-Record Ultra-Runner Zach Bitter - blogspot

11) License to Stroll: An App With a Spy Story that Unfolds as You Walk - Greatist

12) 9 Things You Should Know About Farmed Fish - Mercola

13) The Future of Health NowThis Little Weed is one of the Most Useful Medicines on the Planet - The Future of Health Now

14) Minimal Carb Reduction, Maximal Results? Study Compares 60% vs. 40% CHO Diets + 6-Week 25% Energy Reduction - SuppVersity: Nutrition and Exercise Science for Everyone  - blogspot

15) 6 Secrets You Can Learn From The Happiest People On Earth -


48 Healthier Holiday Cookies - Greatist

Outsourced Tasks

People are always asking me what I have my virtual assistants do. On average I request about 150 tasks per month, some by phone and some by email. Whether you are using FancyHands or Zirtual, here’s some ideas of the things you can outsource:

- Parse emails for heads of coworking spaces from attached spreadsheet
- Contact plumbers to get quotes for correcting this violation
- Find an automated method for organizing photos on dropbox

If you want to learn how to get the most out of working with a virtual assistant, follow this link for discounted access to my online course. To see my top tasks throughout the week, follow Twitter hashtag #ttask


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