Things I Found Interesting This Week (1/3/14)

ThingsIFoundInterestingThisWeek-01-03-14 Each week I read thousands of blog posts from hundreds of sources, these are the best things that I found this week. For daily updates, follow me on Twitter and Facebook.


1) Does Being Cold Make You Sick? by AsapScience - laughingsquid

2) Type 2 Diabetes Is An Inflammatory Disease, Says Study - science20

3) How to Hack Your Sleep: The Art and Science of Sleeping - bulletproofexec

4) Feeling Anxious? Screw Keeping Calm — Get Psyched and Carry On - Greatist

5) Inside Tracker, Step Up to Ultimate Performance - tumblr

6) Can the Food You Eat Affect Your Mood? - mercola

7) If you sit at an office, you should watch this video. [VIDEO] - wimp

8) 20 Simple Secrets Of Happy Families - All Backed By Science - bakadesuyo

9) 10 Nutrients Scientifically-Proven to Make You Feel Awesome - Greatist

10) The Habits of Successful People: Thinking in Ratios - The Buffer Blog

11) 7 Worst Ingredients in Processed Foods - mercola

12) Valproate reopens critical-period learning of absolute pitch - Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience

13) Morosoph - UnusedWords

14) The Nocebo Effect - Mental Floss

15) 8 Habits Of Insanely Fit People - huffingtonpost


1) Raw Brussels Sprouts Good Fortune Salad - Food Babe

2) HOW TO: Make Delicious, Raw Chocolate Pudding From Avocados! - inhabitots 

Outsourced Tasks

People are always asking me what I have my virtual assistants do. On average I request about 150 tasks per month, some by phone and some by email. Whether you are using FancyHands or Zirtual, here’s some ideas of the things you can outsource:

- Find the next EMT-B refresher course near me
- Find adult sport leagues near me - Contact heritage energy and request repair service

If you want to learn how to get the most out of working with a virtual assistant, follow this link for discounted access to my online course. To see my top tasks throughout the week, follow Twitter hashtag #ttask


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