Things I Found Interesting This Week (2/28/14)

Blog-CAPS-ThingsIFound-02-028-14 Each week I read thousands of blog posts from hundreds of sources, these are the best things that I found this week. For daily updates, follow me on Twitter and Facebook.


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Effect of Triticum turgidum subsp. turanicum wheat on irritable bowel syndrome: a double-blinded randomised dietary intervention trial - (

How Avocado Can Help with Weight Management - (


Vegetarian Phở (Vietnamese Noodle Soup)

Three-Cheese Skillet Lasagna

Top Tasks

People are always asking me what I have my virtual assistants do. On average I request about 150 tasks per month, some by phone and some by email. Whether you are using FancyHands or Zirtual, here’s some ideas of the things you can  outsource:

  • Find out what happened to my order of upgraded whey
  • Investigate trading in my minivan for a truck
  • Transcribe the following spoken paragraph and send to X

If you want to learn how to get the most out of working with a virtual assistant, follow this link for discounted access to my online course. To see my top tasks throughout the week, follow Twitter hashtag #ttask