The Less Doing Book Club

Blog-CAPS-TheLessDoingBookClub I've always considered myself a sponge for knowledge. I've written before about how I process over 1,000 blog posts per day. It's always been really difficult for me to read books. I've committed myself to read one piece of non-fiction every week and one work of fiction each month. There is so much to be gained from the knowledge transfer of non-fiction and the neuroplasticity of reading fiction. Each week in my interesting things of the week post you'll see what I'm currently reading and if you've read those title, it would be great to get your comments at the bottom of the post.

Efficient reading courtesy of the following apps:

Feedly - Blog Posts

Kindle - Full eBooks

Rooster - Works of Fiction Delivered in Installments

Blinkist - Editorial Summaries of Great Non-Fiction Pieces