How To Be More Productive in Transit

HowToBeMoreProductiveInTransit The focus of this post is actually how to get more done while in your car but while taking notes I realized that most of this applies to pretty much any mode of travel to allow you to use the time more effectively. These are just quick tips that I have compiled over several months so please enjoy.

Exercise: There are several isometric exercises you can do while seated in your car. Try using your hands only to lift yourself an inch or so off the seat and hold that as long as you can or press your hands against either side of the steering wheel until you feel a strain in your chest. You can also pick up a power lung and work on improving your breath control and cardiovascular function.

Eat: Yes it's tough to eat while on the go and often times a stick of beef jerky doesn't cut it. I recently discovered and fell in love with Seabear Ready to Eat Wild Salmon Packs. Before you fall off your chair, it's wild caught Alaskan Salmon, vacuum packed with nothing other than a little sea salt. It's delicious and a great source of healthy fats and omegas. It's the perfect for the high fat diet practitioner. Pick up a fresh avocado and you've got yourself a meal!

Learn: Listening to podcasts while on the go is great but did you know that most podcast players will let you listen at 1.5x speed? It's still completely comprehensible but you can get a lot more listening done in less time. My top three podcasts are Radiolab, Freakonomics Radio, and You Are Not So Smart.

Save Money: The Automatic is a device that plugs into your cars OEM slot under your dashboard and becomes your smart driving assistant. It will monitor your driving and even give you real time info to help you drive more efficiently. They claim you can save up to $800 per year on fuel. It also has a cool tie in with IFTTT so it can trigger events when the check engine light goes on or you turn on the ignition. So for instance you might have it text you an Evernote note of your car "to do" list every time you turn on the car.

Produce: If you happened to be parked for a while, pick up a nice bluetooth keyboard so you can get some serious writing done on your iPad or even iPhone. If you are on the go then you can always call your virtual assistant and have them transcribe things for you or use my method of Voice Blogging to actually create substantial blog posts.

Notify: Going to meet someone and want to keep them apprised of your location in real time, check out Glympse. Want to let a spouse or friend know that you've left work or arrived home, IFTTT Locations has your back.
I would love to hear any of your suggestions and of course you can always leave your questions on the Less Doing Facebook page.