Ari's Recommended Resources

ArisRecommendedResources Here is a list with links to all the things I recommend on a regular basis, I will keep this updated as often as possible.

The 80/20 Rule Self tracking and awareness, know where you are allocating resources so you can find areas to improve efficiency RescueTime Basis iDoneThis TimeHop Thryve Food Tracker Quantified Mind TicTrac Creating the “Manual of You” Essential vs. Optional

Creating An External Brain Create a note taking system that is archived, searchable, and shareable. Stop prioritizing and get rid of your to do list by working on your timing. E-Mail and To-Do Lists Evernote IFTTT (If This Than That) and Zapier HassleMe AquaNotes WriteThat.Name The Evolution of The Virtual Assistant Zirtual FancyHands TimeSvr TalkTo

Choose Your Own Workweek Create a time period when certain activities will get done ScheduleOnce RightInbox

Customization Solve problems with custom solutions Indochino Youbars (use code LessDoing for 10% off) VitaminsOnDemand Elance Fiverr Shapeways

Stop Running Errands Errands are not efficient, stop doing them Amazon Subscribe & Save Amazon Prime Amazon Lockers TaskRabbit RedBeacon ShopRunner Uber

Batching Group similar tasks together to gain momentum, like making meals or handling emails Shoeboxed Go Paperless

Organization Set limits and work within them to be more efficient Dropbox SortMyBox

Finances Apply 80/20 to Finances to get a handle on where you money is going Mint OneReceipt Square BillGuard FileThis Invisible Hand Coupons at Checkout BillCutterz Square Cash

Fitness, Nutrition, Sleep and Supplements Crossfit Grass-Fed Butter Coconut Oil Good Fats The Fitness Triad Nutrience Multivitamin and SkinnyFat

InsideTracker ARIMTM10512 Blue Blocking Sunglasses Azumio Stress Doctor Krill Oil Probiotics MCT Oil Blue Apron in NYC HelloFresh elsewhere Kitchensurfing Athletic Greens Fitness Standards Onnit LessDoing SunLighten