Double Dads: The Twin Dad's Ultimate Guide To Raising Health



I recently launched a new online course with my good friend Ben Greenfield about how to raise healthy, smart, and happy kids. Now, I'm not a parenting expert, neither is Ben, but between us we have 5 kids and both of us are health and wellness specialists. So these are the things we have gleaned from changing thousands of diapers, cleaning up tons of food, and playing with our tiny superhumans. Check out our recent podcast and the resources mentioned in that episode below.

-The brand new Udemy course taught by Ari and Ben: “Double Dads: The Twin Dad’s Ultimate Guide To Raising Healthy, Smart & Successful Kids

-Magnesium Flakes

-Noise Activated Noise Machine

-YoNanas Banana Ice Cream Maker

-Coconut Macaroons

-Coconut-Chocolate-Avocado Pudding

-Coconut Popsicles

-Mindful Parenting book

-Fetch app for having other people buy stuff for you

-Thieves Essential Oil Blend

-Oil of Oregano

-Cold Air Diffuser for Essential Oils

-Lemon Balm

-IFTTT Zapier

During this episode, Ben and Ari also give you a $10 discount code on their brand new “Double Dads: The Twin Dad’s Ultimate Guide To Raising Healthy, Smart & Successful Kids“, so be sure to listen in!

This new course gives parents of twins everything necessary for raising healthy and smart twins, including how both mothers and fathers should eat and exercise during a twin pregnancy, how to bulletproof your children’s immune system, twin parent sleeping tips, healthy holistic nutrition for twins, productivity and money-saving hacks, keep yourself healthy and fit while raising twins, creating socially enhanced children, and much more!