Track Everything for Three Days and Change Your Life


It's so easy to track everything we do in life whether it's the food we eat or the emails we send. The problem is trying interpret all that data and do something useful with it. The easiest way to get started in that regard is to pull EVERYTHING into your calendar. That way you can always look back at the past few hours or your whole day and see where you were, who you were with, what you were doing, and I promise you'll begin to see correlations that you can act on and improve your life. Getting started is easier than you think, thanks to IFTTTand Zapier.

So the end result, or the "action" is to create an event in your Google Calendar. Both Zapier and IFTTT allow you to take any of the triggers they work with and creating a new event based on that information. So here are some examples of what you can pull into your calendar and why but just go down the list of supported apps and see what applies to your life and then just make that the trigger.

- Anytime you check in on Foursquare add that location to your calendar

- Anytime you add a contact to your iPhone or Android put them in your calendar so you can correlate your behavior to the people you spend time with

- Pull data from Automatic, the car tracking device, to show when you're driving behavior changes

- Log phone calls to your calendar

- Any new Instagram photo goes into your calendar

- Use the Jawbone Up to log your mood into your calendar

Also, if a service doesn't offer a tie into Zapier or IFTTT if they offer a social media sharing option (which most do now) you can have the information pulled from those tweets or Facebook posts and entered in the same manner.

There are literally hundreds of possibilities of things to track but by pulling them all into your calendar you can really get the best snapshot of what's going on and start to make little changes that can have potentially huge impacts.