Why I Am Getting Off The Amazon Train

After years of loving and supporting Amazon I wanted to share a recent experience that has ensured I will never use Amazon again. From now on every purchase I make will be done using Fetch, a company that knows how to treat it's customers and has shown me that you can save a lot of money by ordering from Amazon.com's competitors.
Below is the recent email I sent to Jeff Bezos:

Mr. Bezos,

My Amazon account was recently closed after being a faithful customer and public advocate for well over 10 years. 
I created a productivity system called Less Doing and I actually teach people how to make their lives easier and more productive. I've recommended Amazon Subscribe & Save to everyone I've ever given a seminar to, which is in the thousands as I do this for a living. 
We have several one click purchase settings on our account, one of which are for gifts from grandma (my mother). We ordered something a few weeks ago using that setting and then that accidentally became the default. My mother called me a few days later and asked me if I knew why there were over a dozen Amazon charges on her account and I told her I did not. She challenged the charges with her credit card company. 
I immediately got several emails from Amazon customer service telling me that my card had been declined and to reply to the email with the last two digits of the card I wanted to use. I did so immediately for all the emails and received no responses back. A few days later I could not access my Amazon account and password reset did not work. Customer service informed me that my account has a hold on it and that an account specialist would contact me within 24 hours. They did not contact me. I has my mother reauthorize the charges on the original card. I made a request the next day to Amazon. They did not contact me. I made a request the third day, they did not contact me. On the fourth day I was informed that my account had been closed. Just like that, no communication, they simply closed my account, so I lost all access to my digital contact, my prime membership (which I use to stream shows for my children on Roku, AND my affiliate account from which I receive payments every month). The representative offered no further explanation other than to help me open a new account.
I immediately opened a new account. two days later, I got an email from Amazon Customer service asking me to respond with the card that they I would like to use to pay for the refused charges. They asked for my authorization to charge the card and said they would resolve the issue. I responded with the card information but very clearly stated that I did not authorize them to charge the card given that they closed my account with no communication. Yesterday they directly violated what I said and charged my card and then today, they closed the new account I had opened. 
So as I understand it, after years of patronage and vocal support of Amazon, I seem to have been blacklisted the company and my credit card has been charged without my authorization. I'm so disheartened by this experience I felt I needed to inform you.
Ari Meisel