Outsourcing Hunger—No, Not the Eating Kind

OutsourcingHunger-NoNotTheEatingKind When thinking of outsourcing, don’t limit yourself to the material; outsourcing can encompass far more than physical tasks.

Let me explain…

At this point at in my life, I’m no longer driven financial or professional accolades. If Less Doing disappeared tomorrow, I know I could lean on my background as a real estate developer to provide everything I need financially.

Now, do I want Less Doing to succeed?—absolutely.

In fact, I want it to become the #1 name in productivity. But that want alone is not enough to keep me on-point 24/7.

The truth is I’d rather spend more time with my family than with Less Doing which means I can’t expend the entirety of my focus on the business.

For Less Doing to grow into the success I know it can be, it’s important to supplement my want with the drive and hunger of someone who needs LD to “make it.”

Fortunately, I have Mike.

Mike not only runs all of Less Doing’s copy production efforts, but he also does a lot in the way of organizational stuff, from the Mastermind to the LD Live Event in May. His startup – Mallard Creatives – is scrappy, innovative and, candidly, heavily invested in the success of Less Doing.

If Less Doing wins, Mallard Creatives wins and if Mallard wins, Mike wins.

The flip side of this coin, of course, is failure, and where I have the security of real estate development, Mike does not.

You cannot manufacture the hunger and drive created by that kind of investment; it needs to be created organically.

In this way, I have effectively outsourced my hunger through Mike.

Realize this situation is in no way unique to me. Anyone can outsource hunger by bringing in a partner to provide unrelenting drive necessary for success.