Episode #163 with Mary Meckley of Sip and Om

Mary Meckley


  • Episode 163


    In Episode #163 Ari interviews his much-appreciated meditation teacher Mary Meckley of Sip and Om. During the interview, Mary explains how her time working in corporate Japan led to her discovery of meditation, how that discovery led to a newfound love, and how that newfound love ultimately led to the birth of Sip and Om.

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    Time Stamped Show Notes:

    • 10:25 – Introduction of Mary Meckley of Sip and Om
    • 11:19 – Mary explains how she got into meditation
    • 14:19 – Meditation creates new neural pathways in the brain
    • 15:01 – Mary does not focus on one specific type of meditation
    • 15:40 – Use whatever techniques you need to get there – there being a place of calm and mindfulness
    • 16:17 – Have something to look forward to every day
    • 16:40 – Meditation is about slowing downs and becoming self-aware
    • 18:15 – How Mary lays out the weekly meditation schedule
    • 19:00 – Get outside and connect with the world…with nature…with your environment
      • 20:26 – When one faces the elements everyday they become more capable of handling stress, anxiety, etc.
    • 22:45 – The most important thing in meditation is to allow yourself to transition…you can’t just sit down and turn it on
    • 25:20 – For most people, conducting a daily podcast would be a challenge but Mary enjoys it
    • 25:28 – Make your meditation rough around the edges
    • 26:23 – Consistency is important in meditative success
    • 26:55 – The people that become the best meditators – that get the most out of mediation – are those with high-energy
    • 28:16 – Mary’s sources of inspiration
    • 30:14 – The more you learn, the more you’re obligated to do something with that knowledge
    • 31:48 – www.SipAndOm.com

    7 Key Points:

    1. Find something to look forward to every single day.
    2. People need to adapt themselves to the seasons – to the outside world – rather than just create a false level of “comfort” all the time.
    3. Meditation needs to be rough around the edges.
    4. Become a master of transition.
    5. Consistent meditation has been proven to create new neural pathways in the brain.
    6. Everyone needs a source of inspiration, but that source need not be grandiose.
    7. Exposure to the natural world helps us better understand (and ultimately control) things like anxiety and stress.

    Resources Mentioned:

    • Sound Hound – Actually it’s called Houndify but it’s awesome nonetheless—this is Siri on every PED imaginable
    • AnalyzeCorp – An outsourcing service for data science
    • IBS Test – Medical daily article highlighting a new test designed to definitively identify the cause of IBS
    • Diff Bot – Automated website scraping complete with an API and other elegant features
    • Slack’s Secret Sauce – An article by Andrew Wilkinson explaining why Slack has become such a searing hot success
    • How Successful People Work Less and Do More – Article in Entrepreneur Magazine from Travis Bradberry highlighting a variety of habits found in successful people
    • Less Doing, More Living on Sip and Om – A 7-day meditation series from Mary Meckley on Productivity