Your Peak Time

CNS Tap Test

Finding Your Peak Time

Some days you have it. Some days you don’t.

That “it” can be focus, strength, energy, endurance—you name it.

But what if, in actuality, we always have “it,” we just look for “it” at the wrong time?

What if – by a simple, reliable, at home test – you can determine your “peak” time of day?

The time of day when your entire body and mind are aligned for optimal performance…

Sound too good to be true? Well (and you can probably guess where I’m going here) it’s NOT!

Welcome to the CNS tap test.

What is the Tap Test?

The CNS Tap Test, a unique derivative of the Finger Tap Test, uses finger tapping to measure the performance of the Central Nervous System against “virtually all of the causes of mild cognitive dysfunction.

In uncomplicated language, the test essentially tracks your fine-motor control (via finger taps) to determine how well the brain and body are synced at any given moment. The test has been used for decades by neuroscientists in need of a consistent, simple, and accurate way of measuring cognitive function in patients.

How the CNS Tap Test Works

When I said the test was simple, I wasn’t kidding.

Start by resting the heel of your hand on a smooth, flat surface.

Pro tip: a coffeehouse table works great

Tapping should be conducted with the index finger only—all other fingers need to remain on the surface.

Set a timer for 10-15 seconds. As we’ll be conducting several of these tests at random throughout the day, there’s no need to go any longer than that.

The timer should start with the first tap and tapping should conclude as soon as the timer expires.

Record the total number of taps and then repeat the process with the opposite hand.

That’s it.

While testing and measurement can be done by-hand (no pun intended) I’d recommend downloading one of the available CNS-Testing apps available for iOS and Android. The apps will handle the timing, data recording, and math (yep, there’s math) for you.

Determining Your Peak Time

Testing for your peak time needs to be conducted for at least seven days and multiple times a day in order to establish a good baseline.

Once the baseline is determined, measure your taps at random intervals throughout the day for an additional week. Take note of all the times your tapping rate fell above or below the baseline.

Feel free to refine the process even further through a third and final week of testing.

This is why I recommend using one of the available apps—it ends up being a lot of data :)

By plotting the results of week two and three against the baseline, you should be able to clearly identify the times of day you performed best (above the baseline) on the test.

This is your peak time!—the time of day when you’ll feel and perform the absolute best. During peak time, you are 2x to 100x more effective than any other time of day.

How to Apply the Results

Trying to shift your entire life into the confines your peak time window isn’t realistic so don’t try.

Instead, schedule specific tasks that require your utmost attention and focus into your peak time—what those tasks are is entirely up to you—and watch as your productivity soars.

I promise you’ll get more accomplished in a fixed amount of time than you ever thought possible.