Coming Full Circle With Efficiency

There are few cities on Earth with the electricity—that non-stop, hustle and bustle—of New York. If there’s one rule here it’s this:

“The only speed is full-speed”

And yet, amidst the chaos of blaring horns, bright lights, and endless sidewalk chatter, I’ve managed to find solace.

If you’ve ever read one of my books, listed to my podcast, or attended one of my seminars, you already know how I found peace:

Through efficiency

It took time, practice, and (occasionally) painful research, but I have finally reached a point in my life where 95% of my days are a seamless, stress-free pleasure.

The primary fruit of this labor, as most can guess, takes shape in the lessons and principles of Less Doing.

But what you and nearly every other Less Doist never gets to see is the hidden fruit. The private treasures and pleasures that are only for me, my family, and closest friends to observe.

When your life reaches a state of optimized efficiency you can get back to basics and find immense joy in doing so.

After years of high-pressure real estate deals, violent illness, and the formulation of Less Doing from nothing more than a recreational blog, I now see the beauty in washing the dishes, taking my four year-old out for a bagel, or spending an evening on the couch with my wife and a good cab.

When you create a life where you don’t have to do the things you don’t want to do, you will find great pleasure and pride in having the freedom to selectively engage in those tasks you once avoided at all cost. For me, it’s manual labor like folding laundry or washing the dishes. For you, it might be handwriting letters to friends or hosting your in-laws for a weekly dinner.

The point I’m trying to make is this:

When your life reaches a state of optimal efficiency, it becomes a vastly more enjoyable experience

Downshifting from a helter-skelter, go-go-go lifestyle isn’t easy—believe me I know.

But I also know if you’re willing to engage in the journey—if you’re willing to endure the bumps and bruises that dot the path to pure, efficient living—that things will eventually come full circle, and you’ll be happier and healthier where you ultimately end up.