The Peak Time App is HERE!

It’s here, it’s here, it’s here!

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages…

After ample patience from all of you, I am extremely excited to announce that the Less Doing Peak Time App is here, it’s live, and it’s available FOR FREE in the App Store!

What is Peak Time?

Some days you have it. Some days you don’t.

That “it” can be focus, strength, energy, endurance—you name it.

But what if, in actuality, we always have “it,” we just look for “it” at the wrong time?

Peak Time is the long kept secret of successful entrepreneurs and dynamic over-achievers. It’s your body’s “magic hour”—the time of day when you’re 2-100x times more productive than any other time of day.

  • It’s when you can mow through 50 emails in 30 minutes…
  • Write 2,000 words without batting an eye…
  • Handle an important sales call while driving through rush-hour traffic with a crying toddler in the back seat…

You get the point. Knowing your Peak Time isn’t just beneficial, it’s flat-out important if you want to live a highly-efficient life. It’s your magic key to insane levels of productivity, all you need to do is unlock the door and walk on in.

Rooted in Science, Adapted by Less Doing

The Less Doing Peak Time App is rooted in real science, not hocus-pocus.

It’s an applied derivative of the Finger Tap Test, and uses finger tapping to measure the performance of the Central Nervous System and cognitive function.

In layman’s language, the App tracks fine-motor function (via finger taps) to determine how well the brain and body are synced throughout the day. The App then collates that data over the course of several weeks to help users identify the part of the day they’re most productive.

How the App Works

This App was built to provide everyone inside and outside the Less Doing Community with consistent, simple, and accurate way of measuring their cognitive function.

And we really do mean simple.

  1. Download and open the Peak Time App
  2. Select either “right” or “left” hand
  3. When prompted, start tapping the “Start Session” button as quickly as you can
  4. Stop when indicated
  5. Allow the screen to reload to “Start Session” and then start tapping again as quickly as possible, taking care to use the same hand, grip, and finger
  6. Stop when indicated
  7. Select the opposite hand—if you chose “Left” first, now choose “Right”, if you chose “Right” first, now chose “Left”
  8. Repeat steps 3 through 6 again

That’s it—no note-keeping. No data processing. The App will do it all for you.

How to Apply the Results

Trying to shift your entire life into the confines your peak time window isn’t realistic so don’t try.

Instead, schedule specific tasks that require your utmost attention and focus into your peak time—what those tasks are is entirely up to you—and watch as your productivity soars.

I promise you’ll get more accomplished in a fixed amount of time than you ever thought possible.