Why an Intelligent Virtual Assistant Will Change Your Life

Optimize, Automate, Outsource.

The cornerstones of Less Doing.

It’s the mantra opening each episode of the Less Doing podcast and the philosophy driving my day-to-day life in totality.

Outsourcing is the final of the three hurdles you need to clear on the journey to a life of less stress and healthier, happier living. Only when you have fully optimized your processes, and automated as much as possible are you ready to dive headlong into outsourcing.

And when it comes to outsourcing, I recommend one avenue over any other.

The intelligent virtual assistant.

There’s a marked difference between using a virtual assistant and an intelligent virtual assistant, which is why I’m placing special emphasis on the word. A generic virtual assistant—think Fancy Hands—is helpful, but in a limited capacity. They’re great for paying bills, making phone calls, or proofreading important emails—simple, straightforward tasks that require little in the way of higher-function.

An intelligent virtual assistant, on the other hand, is an absolute ­game-changer. On top of the thoughtless tasks they can tackle (having your dry-cleaning dropped off or your groceries delivered), they are also adept at delivering on complicated, unconventional requests like ‘build a website,’ ‘create a sales funnel,’ or ‘edit this video’.

These are the next-level assistants that truly clear your plate in the most unimaginable way possible.

Imagine actually living Tim Ferris’ four-hour work week…actually having the time, freedom, and fiscal security to focus on the things that really matter to you, be they friends, family, travel, or something else entirely.

The astounding changes taking place inside the Virtual Assistant industry—including the successful launch of Less Doists—are making this possible.

How many free hours could you add to your week with someone else handling 85% of your responsibilities?

How would that boost, not just your productivity, but your happiness?

Hiring an intelligent virtual assistant will literally change your life…and I’m not talking about your work-life, I’m talking about your life.

The Art of Less Doing is about more than work:

It’s about life

By employing the services of an intelligent virtual assistant, you’ll give yourself the freedom to actually live your life rather than race through it.


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